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Key Features

  • 竞博体育jbo涵盖所有市场工具,包括非常复杂的结构
  • 完成Front-to-Back办公室的国际财务操作
  • Sophisticated, 灵活和实时的限制管理,包括信用风险, settlement risk, trading and portfolio limits
  • 针对市场、流动性和操作风险的多种风险监控工具
  • 强大的投资组合结构,包含IFRS、分类等15个层次结构
  • 交易流程通过各个阶段的无缝衔接,并经过所有必要的安全检查
  • Front-end blotters for the individual trader, 呈现在单一窗口定价屏幕和交易
  • 监督记事本将交易分配给特定用户进行进一步处理, filtering by type of instrument and deal status
  • Online daily realized and unrealized P&L with analysis between the interbank P&L and the merchant P&L
  • Dashboards to perform flexible and synthetic portfolio views
  • 开放的架构,允许与市场数据提供者和交易系统进行自动和实时的交互, eliminating double entries
  • Full STP with proper and user-defined validation steps
  • Integration with all banking and GL systems
  • Based on microservices architecture, 它是一个运行在Kubernetes栈上的完全的容器化企业应用程序.

  • Available in Cloud and SaaS environment


  • Reduces manual errors and streamlines processes
  • Increases productivity with automatic events generation
  • Minimum time and resources spent on implementation
  • 可伸缩性和定制,以支持任何事务量的增加
  • 各级实时处理(头寸保持、风险管理、估值)
  • 对于允许任何类型的结构化包的合同设置没有限制
  • Technology compatible with all industry standards. Browsers for advanced security and easy access
  • Open architecture ensures easy integration
  • 24/7 access from any place


The flexible system 为金融机构的国库和投资业务提供理想的竞博体育jbo,使国库和投资流程的整个周期自动化, in real-time and in accordance with global standards.

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