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Profile Software’s Board of Directors is a highly experienced team driving the company’s growth and software solutions:

Babis P. Stasinopoulos
Chairman, President & Chief Entrepreneur (Executive Member)

As chairman of the board of directors and founder of Profile Software, Mr. B. Stasinopoulos leads the company with his extensive experience in the field. He was born in Chora, Messinia于1962年,并在1990年创建Profile软件之前学习计算机和工商管理. Mr. B. Stasinopoulos continuously invests in enriching his business knowledge not only through his active involvement in the company but also by attending programmes at the London Business School and other leading educational institutions.

Evangelos I. Angelides 
Executive Member & 首席执行官

Mr. E. Angelides is the 首席执行官 of Profile Software and President of BoD at Centevo. 他出生于1971年,拥有美国希腊学院经济学学士学位。, an MSc in Money, Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham and an Advanced Management Program certificate from Harvard Business School. He is a certified public accountant in the UK and holds the title of FCCA. 他拥有超过24年的上市公司财务运营管理经验, private, regional and international companies, in the sectors of Software, IT, Services, Telecoms, Manufacturing and Logistics. He joined Profile Software in 2014 and has held since then top management positions these being the Group CFO and COO whilst has been the Login SA's 首席执行官 since 2017.

Spyros A. Barbatos
Non-Executive Member & BoD Vice President

Mr. S. Barbatos is the company’s Vice President. 他出生于1958年,在雅典经济与商业大学学习经济学. Ηe has been working in the IT sector since 1986. 1990年,他加入Profile Software,并从1999年到现在一直是其高层管理团队的成员. Mr. Barbatos was 首席执行官 of the subsidiary company BeCom before its merger & acquisition by Profile Software.

Aris S. Iliopoulos
Non-Executive Member

Mr. A Iliopoulos是区域执行董事和董事会成员. 他出生于1978年,在比雷埃夫斯大学学习工商管理. He has been working at Profile Software since 2000 and has been a valuable and active member and successful manager of numerous large scale Financial Services projects.

Kate D. Tsoura
Non-Executive Member

Ms. Kate Tsoura is the CMO of the Profile Group. 她1974年出生于雅典,拥有考文垂大学工商管理学士学位, an MSc in 市场ing from Leicester University, 并获得英国威斯敏斯特大学人力资源硕士学位. 她还持有希腊美国联盟(Hellenic American Union)的数字营销证书. She has been a member of UK-based CIM and IDM during the 10 years working in the country whilst having more than 20 years of experience in various 市场ing roles at Software, Services and FMCG companies. 凯特于2006年加入Profile,自那以来一直担任市场营销管理职位.

Emmanuel D. Tsiritakis
Non-Executive Independent Member

Mr. E. Tsiritakis是董事会的独立和非执行成员. 他1956年出生于雅典,1979年毕业于雅典大学经济系. He received an MA (1983) and a Ph.D.(1988) from Virginia Tech. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Banking and Financial Management at the University of Piraeus. Mr. Tsiritakis was a member of the committee which designed the Athens Derivatives Exchange and served as president of the examination committee for the certification of the financial services practitioners.

Antonios A. Roussos
Non-Executive Independent Member

Mr. A. Roussos is an independent and non-executive member of the Board of Directors. He was born in 1963 and studied Economics at Athens University. 他是经济商会的成员和经济商会的注册会计师(a级). He has worked in finance since 1998 and has held the position of CFO in various Greek industrial firms from 1994 until today.

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