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Financial Statements

In this section, 您可以浏览及下载集团过去几年的英文财务报表. For all financial statements please visit (GR site).

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Financial PRs and Announcements

In this section, 您将阅读Profile Software最新发布的有关金融和IR相关主题的新闻稿. 

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IR Presentations

In this section, you can download the latest presentation available for the IR community with the latest financial results.

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Stock Market Coverage

This section presents a number of Analysts' reports on the company's stock market valuation and prospects.

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General Meetings

In this section, you can find the invitations uploaded to attend the Annual General Meetings of the Shareholders of the Group.

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Corporate Governance

Profile软件自2003年起在日月光上市,因此遵循公司治理规则, ensuring transparency and effective operations, protecting the assets of the company and promoting the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

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