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Profile Software, 国际金融竞博体育jbo提供商, announced today the new release of Axia Custody the advanced automated custody platform that delivers streamlined operations, globally. The platform has been significantly upgraded to advance the Custody process offering competitive features to users, through automation.

In particular, Axia托管支持全球托管人的交易后处理, Sub-Custodian, 代理和共同基金托管人完全自动化交付, 4路匹配和结算确保改善市场之间的沟通, Local Brokers, 国际代理, 国际经纪代理, Sub-Custodians, and Clients. It is worth noting that the system has a 2-Way SWIFT (SMPG standards) messaging whilst covering SWIFT-based automated corporate actions with more than 70 CA events and making available automatic initiation through custodian incoming SWIFT thus avoiding user intervention.

利用国际技术, Axia Custody还支持双向声明功能,从而加速了通信. In addition, 在利用竞博体育jbo的新特性时,可以使用灵活的计费和收费政策, where the users can streamline their processes and automate the matching and settlement regardless of the country of operations, 因为它支持本地和跨境市场,并涵盖多家存管机构的分拆, multi-currency, 以及多实体账户.

Axia监护提供完整的数字服务, 基于web的功能以及可配置的工作流, 可定制的仪表板和报告(计划的和特别的), 为了有竞争力的全渠道体验. 客户端可以很容易地访问和导航可主题的门户,也很容易自定义门户, 这符合该组织的品牌, 提供独特的体验.

Furthermore, 该公司的客户可以直接修改和访问自己账户的头寸, get reports and place settlement instructions through an intuitive user interface that offers numerous widgets, 多种输入选项(SWIFT, Excel/File, etc.)、安全的消息传递和易于导航的屏幕. 该竞博体育jbo整合了市场数据提供商的平台(Bloomberg, Refinitiv等).),并通过其开放架构和标准api与任何核心银行平台合作.

Axia Custody is being enriched to offer advanced functionality for multi-custodian operations across borders for a competitive multi-channel international level client experience.

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