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Profile, 国际竞博体育jbo提供商, announced today the release of its quarterly eNewsletter (Summer 2021) Edition, 其中包括公司的最新消息.

The "eNewsletter 2021年夏天" edition presents the company’s recent implementations in banks like 最适条件的银行 随着新的数字银行平台的上线,Profile领导了与现有系统集成的项目, 新产品推出 轴向托管 这将实现全自动化和 新的金库管理平台. Furthermore, new functionalities have been added to the Centevo product suite, the Scandinavian firm that Profile recently acquired. 新出版的 Finuevo – the mobile-first 电子银行 in-a-box – is available to download!

最后但并非最不重要的是,读者可以观看竞博体育jbo的最新报道 webinars on 财富管理 and Banking joined by leading industry experts and our latest development and HR news.

有兴趣与竞博体育jbo保持联系? 订阅竞博体育jbo的下一期 here.

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