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Key Features

  • 核心注册:涵盖所有上市公司的监管义务和要求,如更新, 持有股票数量, dividends, 和最充分的抵押品.
  • Auto Grouping: Creates dynamic groups of investors by using complex criteria, set by the user.
  • General Meeting: Supports successfully shareholders’ general meeting.
  • MIS Pricing: Combines shareholders transactions with historical data (open, close, high, low, etc,),并估计获取成本, the selling price and the profit/loss of every single investor and /or group of investors, separately.
  • IR报告:提供超过30个准备使用, 专业的报告, of historical fluctuations in the shareholders registry.
  • Outsourcing 服务也可用(包括SaaS).


  • Easily adjusted to company’s requirements due to its modular architecture.
  • 用户友好的系统.
  • Specialised and experienced consultants can accommodate urgent needs as they arise.
  • 快速和专业的客户支持.
  • 方便从可用的报告中进行选择.

 Why Registry?

注册表是一个模块化平台. 每一个新的安装都根据组织的具体要求进行部署,以实现最高的投资回报. 希腊和塞浦路斯上市公司的首选!


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