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Our Treasury software solution offers a robust and flexible mode of operations. It can be integrated with any back-end system to deliver a front-to-back-to-risk user experience. It covers the entire spectrum of business requirements ranging from forex and money 市场s to securities, commodities and derivatives, plain vanilla to most complex and customised packages accomodating structured or hybrid products. 由于采用了模块化的方法和标准化的接口工具包,该系统的部署迅速而简单,可与世行现有系统进行有效集成.

竞博体育jbo的Treasury平台正在不断充实,以充分适应云环境中不断变化的市场趋势.  财务人员可以访问高级仪表板,在一个安全、兼容的环境中以卓越的用户体验(UX)执行他们的日常工作, 提供活动的整体和实时视图. 在云中部署的最新技术趋势使财务人员能够竞争性地享受多云能力, with improved scalability and failover as well as flexibility throughout their processes.

Monitoring has been enriched whilst supporting automated, and fast deployment. In addition, the highly adaptable and modular architecture supports multi-tenant deployment, 通过跨不同实体的互联,确保数据的一致性,以及轻松快速地建立新分支机构或新产品.

Key Features

  • STP functionality
  • 在一个竞博体育jbo中覆盖所有国库券
  • 高级风险计量工具
  • Front Office (deal capture, pricing, limits checking, portfolio management, FX position, cash position, spread matrix, dashboards)
  • 风险控制(差距分析,敏感性和波动率分析,P&L和VaR计算,信用风险,结算风险,如果分析)
  • Middle Office (fixing, accrued interest, interest income, deal ticket generation)
  • Back Office (payment analysis, GL management, accounting entries generation, Swift messages, trade confirmation)
  • Treasury hub with the ability to operate 24x7 being online and in real-time


  • Increase productivity with automation of the full processes and reduction of manual errors
  • Cost efficient solutions through scalability and customisation to activity and 市场 evolution
  • 高效实时监测流动性和资金
  • 专业知识和可靠性贯穿整个操作
  • Technology corresponding to industry standards, with proven international platforms
  • Open architecture allows for easy integration to any back-end or accounting system
  • 全面的报告视图,更有效的决策制定
  • 随时随地都可以访问

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作为一种统一的国库方式, 配置文件软件提供了一个跨资产的前到后竞博体育jbo, 涵盖所有类型的外汇, fixed income, 股本, 大宗商品和衍生品市场——传统金融和伊斯兰金融.

All analyses and modules run centrally, while supporting risk management, P&L, portfolio management, collateral tracking, 会计——符合IFRS9——以及支付, reconciliation, EoD processes etc.

It utilises technology that adapts to the challenging and evolving needs of the clients.

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